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From small to great:
Miniatures from Kaster.

We can make your products even more desirable!

Regardless of what your company makes, we will make sure that your product becomes a real collector’s item - in the form of exclusive metal models in the most varied dimensions.

The metal model trimmings are made of high quality plastic, accurately detailed, durable and unique - just like your original.

Our mode of operation

Step by step to the model!

Der Entwurf von Miniaturmodellen

1. The draft design

1. The draft design

The starting point is your original. You simply have to provide us with the relevant files, images and measurements of your product and we will provide you with a quotation. Once you have approved it, you will receive a 3D file of your product for you to check; the initial plastic model will be developed from this.

Der Prototyp von Miniaturmodellen

2. The prototype

2. The prototype

This “mock-up” will be the basis for discussing any details, evaluating the finer points, and making any adjustments. Only then will we make an injection mould to produce the first scale model out of metal.

Der Metallrohling eines Miniaturmodells

3. The metal blank

3. The metal blank

Of course, even smaller, individual changes can still be made. The paint, branding and packaging of your miniature are also determined at this stage.

Das Muster eines Miniaturmodells

4. The sample

4. The sample

We will turn the discussed, approved ideas into reality and produce an initial sample complete with paint finish, labelling and packaging, which we will make available to you for the final release.

Die Serie eines Miniaturmodells

5. The series

5. The series

As soon as this happens, we will begin production of the required edition run. A maximum of 45 working days later, we will send you your product - the individual, unique collector’s item - in the dispatch method of your choice.

Der Versand von Miniaturmodellen

6. Shipping

6. Shipping

It goes without saying that we will also take care of shipping properly, reliably and on schedule. To you, or several addresses at once - wherever you like, exactly as you request. We will be happy to personally take care of the storage and will support you in selling your miniatures with the aid of our global dealer network.


Perfect models, perfectly packaged.

Our packaging for presenting the models is as individual as the miniature models themselves. We can fulfil almost every requirement, from complicated perspex solutions to simple cardboard box. Individually printed of course and designed to your corporate specifications.


Explore and get inspiration.

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Experience meets passion.

Kaster miniatures of the most diverse brands and manufacturers can already be found in the display cabinets of many a collector and end customer. They all have something in common: they have been designed with an eye for detail and produced in the highest quality.

You can rely on our experience - see for yourself how accurate our work is in every detail. We would be very happy to show you a selection of our models and meet you in person.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you!

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